The NFL is an incredibly competitive league to play in. Unlike other professional sports leagues in the world, the National Football League is now broadcasted to more people now than it ever has been before. With this in mind, think about how many fans are always keeping checks and statuses on their favorite football players and teams. But when it all comes down to it, there are so many who want to know how much money these famous NFL players and coaches are making each year on salary.

We have created this website in order to inform you on the average and specific NFL players salary. You might be amazed to find out how much they are paid.

What Is The Average Salary Of an NFL Coach?

It goes without saying that some of the highest paying jobs in the United States are pro sports related. While players, on the average, make better salaries than coaches, the coach makes a decent amount of money as well. A base salary along with benefits and other compensation based on performance of the team they are coaching all have an impact on the bottom line salary.

In order to calculate the average salary of an NFL coach, it would be necessary to look at what each coach is making to understand that an 'average' is misleading. Actually there are very few coaches at the upper end and only a few at the low end. Normally you would figure it out by adding all salaries together and then dividing by the number of head coaches. This year most coaches except for a select few are making almost the same amount of money. Because of this, the best question would be who is the lowest paid coach and which coach makes the most money?

mike holmgren nfl coach When added together, the salaries of the NFL total $103,250,000 which comes to an average of $3, 226, 563 for an NFL coach. There are a total of 32 teams and the highest paid head coach is Mike Holmgren of the Seattle Seahawks who has an annual compensation package of $8,000,000 while the lowest paid coach is Lane Kiffin of the Oakland Raiders whose salary is $1,250,000. You can see there is quite a disparity between the two – about 7 million dollars!

Most coaches make between 2 and 4 million dollars, while there are 7 who make more than four million and five who make less than two million. Based on these figures, 20 coaches make an 'average' salary, and 12 coaches that are in the low or high end. What is the average salary of an NFL coach? The answer is technically $3,226,563 but realistically, between two and four million.

What Is The Average Salary Of An NFL Player?

nfl playersAthletes are among the highest paid individuals in modern day society. Nearly half of the players in the NFL earn more in salary per year than the top paid Wall Street Executives. According to the National Football League Players Association, the minimum salary that an NFL player can make is $295,000 per year. In calculating how much a player is paid each year, player endorsements must also be taken into account. NFL players receive endorsements from companies who would like to use a player s fame and prestige to help sell products.

These earnings can be as little as a few thousand to tens of millions of dollars depending on the athlete. Players also receive bonuses both for signing on and for various instances such as to reward exceptional performance. The NFL is big business and large salaries and big business go hand and hand. So what is the average salary of an NFL athlete?

Taking an average of all pro athletes in the NFL does not necessarily give the most accurate representation of an average. There is quite a bit of variation in salaries as rookies do not make as much money as veterans who have a professional record as a sort of standing resume. The highest total payroll of all NFL teams was the New York Giants which paid out nearly 140 million dollars in salary in the 2009 season. That is quite a hefty payroll budget!

Strictly by the numbers, Rookies in 2009 started at around 4 million dollars on average depending on the team per year plus endorsements. The average annual salary of all NFL athletes for 2009 is about 1 million dollars per year. Veterans had an average of about 17 million dollars in 2009. The athlete with the highest annual salary is Philip Rivers of the San Diego Chargers who made $25,556,630 last year plus endorsements which could put him around the 30 million dollar mark.

The wide variation between starting salaries and those of experienced players causes an average of salaries to seem somewhat inaccurate in representing how much the players actually make. If you would really like to know how much money a particular player makes, the best thing to do would be to research their salaries individually. Be sure to include their endorsements and bonuses in your calculations!

Which NFL Player Has The Highest Salary?

With the new season just underway, many people would like to know which NFL player has the highest salary. Actually, there are a lot of variables that go into the total package. The best you can actually do is look at what the base salary is and add that to the sign bonus and of course any endorsements that may come their way and you will have a realistic picture of which player has the highest gross salary. There are two or three figures you need to look at, the base and the sign bonus and/or endorsements.

This year, Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts is the highest paid player in the NFL with a base salary of $15.8 million and $15 in endorsements. But right behind him, and only a few million away is Matthew Stafford of the Detroit Lions who has a base salary of $26.9 million with $.7 million in endorsements. Which NFL player has the highest salary? Actually, Matthew Strafford does by about 10 million dollars. But who makes more? Peyton Manning does when you add his base salary to his endorsements. When trying to determine which NFL player has the highest salary, it is necessary to look at the whole package.

In the end, they are both within a few million dollars of each other so it's pretty much a tossup. In most people's opinion, every NFL player made the highest salary when you consider that the average salary across all occupations in the United States only rounds off at $43,460! (So for all aspiring football players, if you are only offered a few hundred thousand as a sign bonus as a rookie, just think, you could refuse it and work as a high school coach for 35k or 40k!)

Who Is The Highest Paid NFL Player Of All Time?

peyton manningMost people believe that all football players make millions of dollars each year and that really isn't quite accurate. Some players do, indeed, make millions and millions of dollars each year while some make between $100k and $200k. Salaries are skyrocketing and many analysts feel that they have capped. If this is the case, then NFL salary caps may be in place for several years to come.

This would mean that this year's highest paid player would also be the highest paid NFL player of all time. Last year, the highest paid player was Philip Rivers of the San Diego Chargers who had a total package of $25,556,630 and everyone thought that was insane. However, this year Peyton Manning (who was in 16th in the top 25 highest paid NFL players last year) has Rivers beat by more than $5 million dollars! This makes Manning the highest paid NFL player of all time.

Manning's salary last year was $14,005,720 which was a total of a $14 million base salary with other bonuses. This year his base salary is $15.8 million with $15 from endorsements. That's $30.8 in all which more than doubles his previous year's package. Will he go down in the World Book of Records? Chances are that if the economy continues on its current track, and if the NFL puts a freeze on the cap, it could well be that for at least a year or two he will hold this record.

Fans will need to watch and see what happens this season and many will be watching for the 2011 figures to be released to see if anyone takes the record from Manning. At the moment Peyton Manning is the highest paid NFL player of all time, and chances are that record will hold.